Sheer snowy perfection.

I see ghost in the snow.

Wow, beautiful design, probably going to end up wearing this all year haha

Like every single day for a year or just not in a seasonal manner? :wink:

Eventually I’ll see Game of Thrones. For now though I’ll just sit back and enjoy the pretty tee shirt and pretend it has nothing to do with it.

I know nothing just like Jon Snow. :slight_smile:

Anyone know if the hoodies run big or small?

Haha probably just not in a seasonal manner, Ive been wearing tshirts all winter too because I cant stand long sleeves, plus once I find a shirt I like I pretty much wear it every day for a few months(still put it in the washing machine every once in a while though lol)

Be sure to check the sizing chart in the Features tab! :slight_smile: Personally I feel like they fit normally. I’d prefer one smaller option, but the small isn’t a dress on me, either.


As someone that is both a GoT fan and from the Altoona area, this is cool.


Nice an Altoona Wooter! Thanks for the kind words everyone.

Thanks for the link, LordBowen, that was Hi.Larious.

“You know nothing Jon Snow”

This shirt is freaking epic!

This is awesome Tee. I like it.

8:30 am EST all tees sold out :flushed::flushed::flushed: for once, I can say, “I had to get the hoodie. They were out of shirts!!” :joy::joy:

[MOD: Not sold out, see my post below.]

small - do read the totally different sizing chart - these sizes are different from the cozy, warm hoodies. Also this is jersey NOT like the other ones I bought. Yeah, it even says ‘jersey’ and hey, I didn’t read that!

So much yes!

What!? Shirt woot out of shirts…? Impossible!?