Snowball Microphone - Brushed Aluminum

Blue makes some great mics. This one is not bad if you need a usb mic for quick recording. Only 44.1 cd quality, so keep that in mind.

“The cardioid pattern provides a focused pick up pattern while a more generous are is achieved with the omni-directional”

I think you in the description.

Somehow I feel like this has a snowballs chance in hell of selling out fast…

I see what you did there.


Unless I buy a few & save more on shipping…but I don’t need a few, I hardly even use my Blue Snowflake as it is!

I have this. It works quite well. It’s big though, about the size of a 12" softball.

Everything that’s 12 inches in circumference is the size of a 12" softball.

I’ve been watching these for a good deal for a bit, but they just don’t seem to come down enough to “accidentally” fall in to my cart on a whim.

Actually, not a lot of Woot items go down far enough to be bought “on a whim”. It’s more of a “Decent deal if you’re looking for one”.

That’s where unlocked Free shipping helps you out during woot-offs.

This made me LOL and wake up the dogs. Thanks!

This is a great deal. I work at a music store. Anytime you can beat the big guys like Guitar Center (Walmart of the music world) or Musician’s Friend (owned by Guitar Center), it’s a great deal, but be careful. Some stores online will sell B-stock or refurbished gear and not state it in the description; this does not appear to be the case. This is an all-round great mic for the money.

Staring in the role of Mr Obvious for this woot-off is disraeli.


Just teasing.

Very good price on this mic. It achieves a very generous are.

where’d the wootalyzer go?

Still can’t buy it. That would force me to start podcasting and my fans don’t deserve it.

clue me in… what is a ‘generous are?’