Snowmobile: There's No Mobile Like...

Check out the Power Wheels in action! Even drivable in reverse! :slight_smile:

We just got 42 inches of white gold, and my wife does call it a jet ski.

No deals here. Prices are way higher than I’d expect to see on Woot.

Well, Jake, what can we say… get out and enjoy that white gold for us! Whether you use a jet ski, snowmobile, sled, or snow machine to do it is up to you.

These Woot prices are lower than any list or discounted price we’ve got going anywhere (and lower than many competitor’s list prices, as well). We’re pretty excited to be able to partner with Woot to offer this pricing. We’d love to bring you a PRO Snowmobile Lift that retails for $299.99 for $29.99… Heck, we were about to DO it but our accountant gave us a 2 hour lecture about “not selling at a loss”. Since he also signs our paychecks, we’re stuck offering our products 30-60% below list price. What a fun sucker.