Snows Lake One and Two - Two Pack

Snows Lake One and Two - Two Pack
$44.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
1 2005 Snows Lake ONE
1 2005 Snows Lake TWO
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Rat reporting for duty sir…


Two says “Cab blend.” What exactly is in the blend and at what percentages?

Also, going on 5 years old, how much longer can/should we hold these bad boys?

73% cabernet sauvignon and 28% cabernet franc- From a review of Two… 101% lol?

I’m so proud :slight_smile: I got my first sucker! And I got the clue WD.


On their website it lists the Two as a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc but doesn’t list the percentages. The 2004 was 75% Cab and 25% Cab Franc.

The 2005 is the current release so I wouldn’t expect these to be anywhere close to past their prime.

nice work.

My first rat perhaps?

WTSO had the 2004 One and Two up in offerings late last year. The One was $24.99 and the Two was $21.99, this deal seems like a pretty similar price.

Courtesy of CJ:

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First impression: Napa-y style wines at sub Napa prices. Potential for QPR is there is you want a medium-low acid wine with plenty of fruit, oak and body. I’ll be curious to hear about tannin structure and stylistic goals from the producer.

Found a review of these on the interwebs. The reviewer gets taken to task in the comments by the best known maker of domestic Cab Francs, John Skupny.

$45 each on there website!


I cannot understand why not Ohio on this one. The winery itself can ship to Ohio, according to their website.

Cfburne, please check PMs.

According to this review of Two, those who like La Famiglia’s wines (recent woot), Stag’s Leap, Rosenblum Cellars and a few more, will likely think well of these wines, because Snows Lake Vineyard provides all of them with grapes.

wine.woot should just enforce a triple quantity order, because I hate contemplating in pain whether I should get one or two… or three…

Eeek, that’s a pretty significant portion of CF, my least favourite varietal, unfortuantely. I would love to know what the other bottle is blended with (Petit Verdot, maybe? I can hope!), and I would also love feedback from the winemaker and anyone who’s had the 2004 as to how the CF affects the flavour profile and how substantially it contributes taste-wise to the wine overall.

I don’t need more cab, but this sounds like my kind of winery and the (albeit it very meagre) CT reviews are very good, so I could certainly be persuaded if these - or even one of them - are up my alley.

The only single varietal Cab Franc I’ve had was’t very good either. But it blends well in most clarets (15% or so), so I’d not worry about it being a flavour or texture enhancer as a minor component in a blend.

No Virginia either so the cc is safe for now.