Snuggies Blanket with Sleeves and Booklight – 2 Pack

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Snuggies Blanket with Sleeves and Booklight - 2 Pack
$5.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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woohoo snuggles!

ok. i’m ready for the monkeys now…

So close to first! Can’t wait for my snuggie. And I can gift one for that birthday I missed… From February…

I’d rather have the woot-off over than watch them sell snuggies

I would get one if the shipping was lower :frowning:

Is it two or is it one? Seems like there’s conflicting information.

I love my Slanket and the rest of my “sleeved blankets” are knockoffs, also fine.

Got these before xmas, the blanket is basic but A-OK. The Booklight is Complete garbage, don’t expect it to work for more than 2 seconds if at all.

Woah woah woah, HOLD UP. You’re telling me these are blankets with SLEEVES? This solves like 95% of the problems I have in everyday life like when I am trying to read a book, or talk on the telephone. Normal blankets slip and slide and get in the way, but this blanket with sleeves will make everything a breeze!

In for THREE

Buy the snuggies, people! I want my screaming monkeys!

ok everyone go join the snuggie cult…

The booklight totally seals the deal

Unlike the description you CAN buy 3 (so 6 total)

I wasn’t aware that they made snuggies without sleeves, but apparently they do.

Where the hell have you been?

It says one blanket under the pic - but a two pack - which is it?

So is it one or two? Says 2 pack and when you order you can order more than one… which then says 6 packs when you pick 3. Yet the picture says only one. Guess it’s a two pack.

A two-pack but one blanket per order. Now there’s a thinker.

most worthless invention ever, my wife’s cousin wears these to pub crawl in, other than getting your brew-dog on no earthly reason to own a snuggie. This will die a slow death like Crocs(please!!)