Snuggies Blanket with Sleeves and Booklight – 2 Pack

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Snuggies Blanket with Sleeves and Booklight - 2 Pack
$5.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Actual Snuggie and not a knock off? Nice

I am all good on slankets right now.

These are decent quality though, can’t beat the price. The booklights are utter junk though, toss em straight in the garbage.

i have no interest in a snuggie but if you did this seems like an awesome price considering they charge 20 for one on tv/

In for camo! Yea, they’ll sit in the closet until winter, but I’ll be happy in December…

The inclusion of a book light is absolute rubbish

it is to hot for dat

last time I got these they didn’t send the book light. They said they ran out, and refunded me $2. Crappy. Don’t count on getting the light!


82 degrees today - I don’t really need a blanket, with or without sleeves.

Excellent! Christmas gift collecting for brother and his wife now begun. Thanks woot!

Title says 2-pack, details says:

Is the “2 pack” because they included the light?

Really wanted a couple for my kids but the tie dye ran out right as I clicked on it!! So, none for me. [figured I’d put them away for next Christmas]

I bought these for Christmas presents this year. Great price and looked awesome when they arrived.

I thought that 2 pack got killed.


I’m in for 3…that gives me 6 gifts to disperse…last year it was aqua globes, this year snuggies…

u smart!

I’d rather have the 2 bucks off

I have a couple of sunggies…they are crap. Sure they have sleeves but they are about as thin as a bedsheet. Personally, I would not waste the money.