Snuggly Snuggle Sheets For Snuggling

It looks like you can get the same thing at Target for less.

Am I the only Canadian who would like to find something I can order? Nothing ships to Canada! Why send me an email as a valued Amazon customer, to invite me to a site I cannot use? Before sending out email invites, verify the country you are sending to, makes you look bad to send an invite and essentially end up saying, oops, no Canadians allowed, sorry. This site sucks so far :pensive:

I’m sorry for the frustration. Our shirt.woot site is the only site that ships to Canada.

does anyone know the thread count?

I cant figure out the colors

Can’t find these on Target’s website. Got a link?

They’re microfiber so there’s no thread count.

Not all of the color images are labeled with their corresponding color, so I am finding it difficult to figure out which color to order.

Sorry for the delayed reply. The only sets not labeled with the color are these. If these are the ones you’re talking about, they’re in the “color” dropdown menu in the same order they’re shown in the pictures. Hope that helps.

That’s what you want to sleep on in the middle of summer… 100% polyester…

Have a couple of sets of the Micro Fiber sheets we found cheap at Target.
They are very smooth and comfy, BUT, they are very hot during the summer months so I only use them as backups and during the winter when we let the house get down to under 60 at night, then the extra warmth is a plus, so keep that in mind.