So Be It 2009 Pinot Noir (6)

So Be It 2009 Pinot Noir 6-Pack
$49.99 $̶1̶3̶3̶.̶0̶0̶ 62% off List Price
2009 So Be It Pinot Noir
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Previous offer:

Nice, $10 less than what I paid on 5/10/13 when it was a WootPlus offer. I would provide notes, but I have not tried any of mine yet. I’ve been letting it rest for a while after the process of moving. Many have posted positive comments about this being great QPR.

For the original woot price I really enjoyed this, for this price, this is a no brainer IMHO!

In for a set!

Tasting notes posted previously:

**Tasted over two nights.

Nose of dark fruit, candied bing cherry, earth, nice floral components.

On the palate the fruit is very tasty, not an old world pinot for sure, but not an over the top fruit bomb either. Lots of dark cherry, forest floor, bit of mushroom typically associated with Sonoma Coast fruit, nice acidity, and a nice spicy finish. The finish was medium plus, and there were nice layers to the wine which is something I really look for in a quality Pinot.

IMHO this is a wine if you paid $30 for at the store or winery you would not be disappointed. For $13 a bottle, if you like Pinot, this is a no brainer. **

Ugh, you are really tempting me.

I’ve considered this one seriously each and every time it has been offered. I might be in this time.

edit In for one, and combined it with protein powder from Sports.Woot. Weird, I know.

It is just after 1am here in MN and I dug out a bottle of this and opened it up. Without reviewing previous tasting notes, I was going to post my own notes of dark cherry and earthy/mushroom tones. I’m far from experienced when it comes to pinpointing flavors, but after seeing bsevern’s notes I’m in agreement and feel that’s a completely accurate description. Here’s an adequate cell phone photo:

I’m a fan of zins and I’m quite new to PN, but I found this to be a very enjoyable wine and I’d recommend it. I’m definitely in for 6 more. Now I’m wondering how much longer these will age before passing their prime…

EDIT: Despite having ordered this previously, now it isn’t available to ship to MN?! This is truly disappointing :frowning:

Probably the best Pinot Noir at this price point since D’Ontspille Le Black. If I were in a buying phase I’d probably go in for a set.

Loved this when purchased in December. Was in for 3 before I discovered that it no longer ships to GA…

Seems strange but I guess they chose not to re-up their licenses for individual states.

oh well, for those of you lucky enough to have access, LOAD UP. You won’t be disappointed.


Doesn’t Detroit have enough problems? Now we can’t even order good wine!


I am in MN too, totally bummed!

Can’t ship to NY either?


No NY gain. Is this a W O O T A Z O N thing or just the wineries they are picking. CA wines were almost always good to NY

Okay, something is officially amiss in Wootville. Since The 10th, the same 16 states and District of Columbia have been the only places the offerings could be shipped. That’s 6 straight days plus the Woot Plus. That’s too much of a coincidence considering that they have all been different Vineyards. Anyone in the backroom have an explanation for what’s going on


Dry Days in Kansas

I am in NY too and cannot get any wine? Is this a permanent thing going forward? should I stop browsing wine woot?

No joy to Georgia again. And still no explanation. I’ll check a few more times, then I’m going to have to write off wine.woot. No point in looking at things I can’t have.

I am another disappointed GA resident. I would be in for 2…

Seriously! Thunderthighs…I know your out there. Shake those calves and get us an answer. Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

No NY…what the $#!*?