So, got Buyers remorse yet?

We’re one year into the current administration, and the litany of bad decisions, bungling, and total ineptitude of the Obama is coming to fruition with China getting mad at us, NK and Iran Frantically pushing for Nuclear Weapons, A major loss of face in Japan , Insulting our allies by refusing to go to celebrations like the wall coming down, Breaking promises with poland and other nations to withdraw the missile defense, Killing off the upgrade to the newest jet, closing a multi million dollar project in Nevada when it was mostly complete, Raising the debt ceiling to the stratosphere, Loading tons of debt to our future generations, Losing a Senate seat in a state that hasn’t voted Republican in almost 50 years, Presiding over a cloture explosion, Breaking campaign promises, closing off manned flight into space, Debating bills BEHIND closed doors without bipartisan input and breaking a campaign promise, Starting to lose the war in Afghanistan, Screwed up gitmo, Give civil rights to detainees in foreign countries, EXPANDED the wiretapping and shielding the phone companies from lawsuits - the list just goes on and on and on and on.

If you voted for Obama, Will you do it again in 2012?

If it meant keeping the people that truly ran this country into the ground for the eight years previous to this administration out, yup, in a heartbeat.

So when the country started to tank after “The Plan” took over, you’re just going to ignore that?

Look at cloture votes my friend, then tell me exactly why you’d vote that way.

He’s Canadian by birth.
Ice, are you a citizen/can you vote here?
Not being nasty, just asking.

OOOHHH, Well, Obama did say he wanted to meet the President of Canada when he was on the campaign trail - has that happened yet?


And Obama said he was gonna pay my electric bill and my house payment.
And get us out of those pesky foreign conflicts we are in.

Well, he did visit 57 states before saying that he hadn’t made it to alaska or Hawaii yet.

The most open, Honest and transparent (deciding HCR behind closed doors with reid and pelosi) gubment ever!

Ah cr ap, I have a lot more states to visit than I thought!
Dammit, you got me started on politics and brought me out of semi-retirement.

Don’t misunderstand. I love this country and chose to be here.I will probably live the rest of my life here.
One of the things I love most about it is that everyone in the U.S.A. has the right to be wrong. I swore to uphold and defend this right when I was granted citizenship.