So how long does it take to get a response?

I know there were a couple threads previously about length of time to get a response if you submit directly. I submitted one last week that I thought was a great fit for Woot due to the theme and style but I don’t want to wait for months and months when no response is ever going to come especially since I put it as exclusive and I could be looking at other t-shirt sites. At what point do I assume they are passing on it?

Give it at least a couple weeks, they haven’t done a daily review in a little while so I’m sure they’re getting around to it pretty soon.

So I eventually sent an e-mail to and that was over a week ago and still no response. Should I just assume they are passing on the design at this point? A little frustrating to say the least. I’m okay if there is not an interest, just would be good to get that notification.

We just did a daily review just the other day, they could just be catching up on getting back with everyone.