So I bought a wine...


Sorry Woot, I cheated on you. I bought a wine from a local liquor store (It’s supposedly the largest one this side of the Mississippi). Anyway, what caught my eye about it was the unusually old vintage, and the (relatively) low price. It appears to be a dessert wine.

The label:
Solera 1927
Pedro Ximénez

Now, the bottle most certainly isn’t from 1927… and the low price (About $20) has me sincerely doubting the vintage of this wine… Now, I’m pretty much a wine noob, but I thought all wines had to be labeled with the vintage of the grape they were made with. Either way, this wine got 96 points from Wine Advocate in June of 2005 (2003? can’t read my picture), so I’m sure it will be one of the best wines I’ve ever had… but… Is this wine really from grapes that are older than my grandmother?


I don’t know diddly squat about wine - but shame on you for cheating on woot!!! Actually, just wanted to say that you’d probably get a better response from the world of wine.woot area than here in EBW…

Now if you want advice on the Daily’s Frozen Margarita Mix that I have in my freezer… I’m your gal…


Good point… I guess I misread the World of Wine.Woot category, and thought it HAD to be about Wines sold on Woot… I’ll crosspost this there. Thanks!