So like - anyone run a meat shop?


The butcher down the street is selling his 40 year old business, and I’m thinking on buying it - it seems easier than running a resteraunt, and has a lot of potential for profit since he’s been cutting services and hours and still pulling a profit.

One first question is labor laws - can I hire a slave at a few bucks an hour for 27 hour days and not have to worry about any legal implications that would cause me to have to destroy any law enforcement figures investigating?




Damn… what if I triple the workload?


My closest butcher store closed recently. Reason - could never find reliable help. Now, how much that had to do with what he was willing to pay, I don’t know. The owner worked about 60 to 70 hours a week. Think about it.


Ah crap.
My dad had a butcher shop back in the day.
Let me just tell ya though…the Health Services and the FDA meat inspectors will be all over you, especially since mad cow disease surfaced.
If all you are worried about is a slave…um…good luck to ya, hon!!



//views pools of oozing red substance

//sets fire to mad carcasses

//spritzes bleach around


If I drag a pc to the place and use it on the downtime - I’ll actually be working about as much as I do now. I’ve been pulling 16 hour days on the PC - and If I work for myself and use the downtime to do other constructive things - I’d be golden.


I’d go with an indentured servant.
More politically correct than a slave, absorb beatings with little complaint, work hard for a limited time. Just make sure you’ve got an airtight contract to avoid any legal entanglements.


er-they don’t do the carcass thing anymore - the meat arrives in boxes awaiting further trimming…


I like the way you think - what country do you reside in?

//waves candy


Hmmm…been looking for a job shift.
I like candy.
If it doesn’t work out, I’m also OK with grinding up my brain and spinal cord and feeding it to the other indentured servants…


that fits in well with my fertilizer and feed business…


But you are using a saw to cut through bone, doesn’t that eek you out?

And, and, do you know all the parts of the cow…what’s a round eye vs. bottom roast? To this day, I have no clue where which meat comes from which location.



I’ve been slicing and dicing and making my own hamburger for years - so trimming and cutting meat isn’t even close to being a problem.


Yeah, I don’t either. On top of that, difference stores call cuts different names. I keep asking, what’s the best roast to do on a rotisserie over charcoal. Keep getting different answers.


man, that is a long URL. might be able to hide it in future.



Please put me down for two pounds of ground lemming.


Do you want the nasty bits? (notice Josephus marked them out)
How much does a lemming weigh?


The one pictured looks like it’s pushin’ 290-300 lbs.!!!


Oh, I thought he was accentuating them.

I’m sure there’s a market for them SE Asia. “One man’s nasty bits are another’s tasty bits”.