So many clicks for Amazon

Why, oh why, does it take so many clicks for Amazon customers to buy something. Amazon owns woot! Like seriously, it can’t remember you’re logged in even if you tell it to, you log in then takes you to a login page, you login again and it says there is an error, you log in again and finally get to a page to say continue as Person (even though for the umpteenth time you logged in) the get to check out and say you were too slow.

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It happens to all of us. Blame Amazon. It’s their intellectual property.

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Woot login doesnt work either…good luck

I’m sorry you didn’t get a boc today. They’re hard to get. That’s what makes them so desirable.

Its just the way it is. I don’t get one every time and I never have.

I do know this place is working on some issues, but they’re not magic robots. This isn’t a tv show. Shit happens.

But I’m not sure where else you can a supportive community and really good customer service. And people are managing to get them. Some people are going to get their very first bocs in the mail. That’s pretty awesome. And other people are going to be unhappy. It is what it is.

I’m exhausted. Goodnight.


I know u dont feel well…please get some rest…i m frustrated…this round is just not…oh so mant people…they have programming issue