So Much Cutlery

Haven’t checked the others but the Miyabi 34595-103 7000Pro Kodeba is $59.99 at the mothership.

At least some of these are ceramic blades. Don’t buy ceramic blades guys. They can chip and leave tiny bits behind that are hard to see. Just get a honing rod and a regular forged blade and keep it sharp the old fashioned way.

I love my ceramic knives. :slight_smile:

Strange, my Kyocera paring knife has been in use for about 2 years now, and it’s a favorite. Sharp as hell, even with all the use it gets. You just have to treat ceramic knives properly, but they can be wonderful!

I understand the appeal, it’s a knife that holds a sharp edge for a long time without maintenance. But it comes with a pretty serious risk. And you can spend maybe $20 more (if that, I’m seeing a forged JA Henckel’s 8-inch chef’s knife for $35 on amazon) and get a serious forged steel knife that’s just as sharp and holds its edge just as well without that risk.

If you keep a honing rod in the drawer next to the knife, it’s really a lot easier than you might think to keep it sharp. About once a week when I pull the knife out to use it, I run it back and forth over the rod about 5 times each side. That’s all you need to do and your knife is just as sharp as the day you bought it.

Sure, it’s a risk, not a guarantee. This is just an anecdote. I haven’t crashed my motorcycle so far in riding it but that doesn’t mean it’s not a substantial risk to do so :slight_smile:

You should treat all knives properly, but my point is that there’s an unnecessary risk of something happening, even if you treat your knife properly. Ceramic is hard but brittle. It’s just inherent to the material.

Do you have some statistics that back this up? We could sit around all day describing improbable ways our kitchen could kill us, but to call a risk unnecessary and to argue that a particular product is unsafe requires a little more than just conjecture.

Unless I’m missing something, I think that’s a crazy good deal on the Zwilling J.A. Henckels Block Set… Am I missing something?

Going along with what the first poster said, many of the Miyabi knives are available on Amazon for the exact same listed price, except you can get free shipping direct from Amazon. $5 extra here, but either way, your money will go to Amazon.

Ceramic knives are indeed hard but brittle. They should not be used to chop through bones or other hard objects. They also should not be used to slice through items that create significant twisting forces. The blade may fracture if dropped. However, a good ceramic knife has an extremely sharp edge, holds that edge longer and doesn’t react with acids in food. My Kyocera ceramic knife excels at slicing tomatoes. Ceramic knives have limitations, but are excellent at some tasks. (Also, experts claim a steel honing rod realigns a blade, but does not actually sharpen the blade.)

Was that deal for real? $39.99 for a 6 piece Zwilling block set? That’s nuts. Was that available 10 hours ago when jmsonic made the post I’m am now replying to? Just the thought that I may have missed out on such an insane deal makes me cry a bit.

Yes, it was definitely still available then. It seemed too good to be true, so I kept going back and forth in my head… I was worried that I was missing something. Maybe they were used… Refurbished? Or, something? But, no, I didn’t see anything wrong with them.

The more I worried, the more I feared they would sell out. Fear won. I went for it and bought two sets.

Correct, I was just trying to express a point (heh heh, get it).

“Unnecessary risk” meaning that it’s a risk which doesn’t exist in a steel blade. And given that the upsides of ceramic are easily countered with a honing rod and/or occasional sharpening, that makes it unnecessary. If you want to turn this into a rabbit hole discussion for no reason, have fun, but my point was not “we shouldn’t have risky things in the kitchen”. Merely that there are cons which don’t exist in steel, and the pros are easily countered. There’s no reason to take this particular risk other than extreme laziness. If you’re cool with that, enjoy, I’m not here to be your mother. But it’s still unnecessary risk. If you’re not sure about the downsides just view bottomfeeder57’s comment which talks about them in greater depth, or perform a quick google search. Don’t be obtuse.

Pretty good prices on those Zwilling Santoku knives, at least a few bucks cheaper than the mothership - even with $5 shipping. I’ve needed to replace one for a while, and instead opted for a 5" and a 7" one. Thanks, Woot.

Zwilling 33605-163 Pure 6" Prep Knife

The ad states Japan as country of origin, but the knife clearly says made in Germany on the side. Hmmm…
Who should I believe?

Waaaaaaaahhhhhhh. I would have bought three! I once got 3 Zwilling paring knives for $1.99 a piece on woot, so I do believe I missed out on the deal of the century. Shucks. Hope they find some more of those!

got the zwilling pure 6 peice block set in the mail yesterday. what a deal. the pure series is gorgeous. the chef’s knife feels like a dream in my hand, and the shape/balance is perfect. faith in the deal power of woot has been restored. thanks woot.

wish i would have bought three!


I was just looking at the block set on the mothership for $200. I wish Amazon had alerts… Totally would have bought one… or three.

Got my two knives yesterday - they are quite awesome. Great price, great quality, the old Woot I love is not dead after all.