SO Much Pet Stuffs

Dingo jerky treats - beware - these are made in China. I bought these and then ended up throwing them out since the Chinese are just now getting around to not making poisonous pet treats. Petco finally pulled all China made items a few weeks ago.

Waiting for those marimekko pet beds to reappear. For about half of what they were priced at last time. :smiley:

Great deal on the Greenies! I ordered them last time they were on here and the expiration was 2016 if I remember correctly. My dog depends on these! He’s old and his hips are bad. These daily make him nearly 100%!

Wish you had the smaller sizes for the smaller dogs in stock so I could buy some more!

I got the Serta Gel Memory Foam Couch Bed the last time it was offered, and to anyone considering it this time, it’s truly a fantastic deal! It’s great for large dogs, and although the puppy I adopted this week to train as a service dog will ultimately outgrow it, he LOVES it! He’s a Shiloh Shepherd, and will grow to be 110-140lbs. Here’s Galen yesterday, at 9-weeks old and seeing it for the first time… crawled into it himself, and often won’t leave it! It has a plush pillow-top, and he likes the support of the bolster.