So, PAX!

So who’s going to PAX*? I hear some writers and a couple of your favorite community people might be wandering around**. Like me! Who might I be seeing there?

** please note that while we’re happy to say hi, this isn’t an official work thing, and we’re fans just like the rest of you, so don’t be That Guy/Girl.

Say Hi to LittleMissRachel, she’s already there.


And by some, I mean three. I have one blue cape, and two flaming capes. This is going to require a little thinking and a little work but I think you’re up to it.


  1. Find mod Inkycatz wandering the convention halls of PAX. You will know her by her green Monkey Games shirt, red hair and stompy boots. I promise not to hide under a hoodie. (It’s hot. This is an easy promise.)
  • I will be at several game booths. I will be holding still at several points in the day.
  • I am not a tall person, and I may also be wearing a hat.
  • If you see me outside the main convention hall, that doesn’t count. No ambushing at doorways and bathrooms. :wink:
  • I cannot twitter my location with any reliability, because my reception sucks.
  1. CALL HER BY HER MOD NAME, by which I mean get her attention by saying YO INKYCATZ or something similar.
  2. Do something entertaining for her and whoever she is with, because chances are I’ll be hanging with the many people off and on through the day. Will you bring her a banana? Will you do your best monkey imitation? Challenge her to a card game of POO? Let’s make this fun.
  3. If I do not have any monkeys left, I will attempt to twitter using the hashtags #inkycatz and #wootmonkeys to let folks know. At that point, you are welcome to say hi to me anyway and we can talk nerdy. If you are wearing a woot shirt, EVEN BETTER. I may even give you a cookie if I have some. (The Cookie Brigade made them, so they’re wrapped in plastic. I didn’t make them.)

If I do not find three lovely community people before I go to the Gamers Doing Good or AppNation Live panels, I will probably just either leave a monkey somewhere for a lucky person to take home, or launch that sucker right in the air in the middle of Seattle. It depends on my whimsy at that point.

I have faith in you, community. I have seen many woot! shirts this weekend. I know you will find me.

Good luck, and monkeyspeed.
ps. If you get a monkey, no coming back for seconds. If you are in a group of people, only one of you is getting a monkey. Limited quantities and my sanity, folks.

If you missed the monkeys today, well, you’ll just have to wait for another/different con or something, sorry! :slight_smile:

Are you going to be at GeekGirlCon at the Seattle Center in October? I already have tickets :slight_smile:

Yes! I am volunteering at this event, actually. Where, I’m not sure, but there’s a meeting in a few weeks about that. I look forward to seeing you there, then! (And any other community people that might be attending.)

Awesome! I read about it on EPBOT and have been following on facebook since. We’re bringing the whole fam, so I’ve really looking forward to it. Very very excited!