So, uh...mockups?!

Can anyone share where to find some blank mockups? Y’know, those funky PSDs with the shirt colors and shadow layers and whatnot? I’ve been out of the game for a while and after a reformat I lost all my templates, including BootsBoots’. Most of the old links to templates seem to be rather dead, and my GoogleFu is weak.

Are the templates you’re looking for the ones over here?

Actually, I’m looking for the ones that look like photos, the ones that usually get thrown into a shirt comp! =)

I have no idea what that is D:
I will definitely try to ask though :smiley:

google “real t shirt templates” you should find something you like.
Be sure to use ACTUAL shirt woot colors, tho.

Stole this from DOLEMITE in the old thread-


:smiley: Hope that helps- Welcome back!

Very kind, thank you!

Here is a mockup I made. Hopefully it helps peoples.

You can also try graphicburger - they have some freebies and graphic river has some for cheap.

Cool, thanks for this!

i vanished again. I’m good at this.

ANYWAY, thanks for the links and suggestions, they were mega helpful! Hopefully I can get off my butt and create something soon.

Thank you <3