So what is W00T going to do for April fools day this year?

I remember a few years back they rotated a battery pack between a BOC all day. Wonder what they will come up with this year? Any ideas?

Mess wif our haids . . . uh-gin!!

Crownest’s signature with the guy hitting his head is killing me.

Like I said.

Level 5 crap winner. What about the rest of you?

BTW nice one W00T you fucking nazi loving STFU dick!

Checked woot this morning during the level 8 bags. Made it to level 4 on first try, can’t pass level 3 since. Finally skimmed forums and followed the “cheat” link to (hopefully) get a lvl 8 bag.

Well I actually beat the game to win mine, but I did try some of the cheat links with an alternate account to no avail.

I scored a level 9 baggie.

Oh and Turken, the links you gave me over the weekend worked to fix the problem. Thank you!

Awesome, unless you cheated…you wouldnt cheat right???

In addition to the “game,” they’re also driving people crazy by listing other items but not showing them.

Are you referring to the method you talked about above? The one you tried to no avail. :tongue:

At least the first three items after the bags were sold out were up on the woot page for sale. I saw them before I went to make lunch. They had flashing woot off lights on the page when the items were being sold.

I scored a bag off the go, game never came up, filled out my info for a level 1, between “Buy It” and “That’s Correct” I got bumped to a level 2 bag. Server crashed after that and the email popped into my inbox before the server came back.

Tried for 3 more hours to get a bag with my husband’s account (he was trying at the same time), but even on the few times we got the game to load it never gave us the buy screen.