So You Think You Can Dance, Season 4 Thread...

Anyone else going to be watching this show? I’m actually more a fan of So You Think You Can Dance than I am of Idol. Some of the auditions they showed in this weeks episode seem promising.

nothin??.. i love this show!

I hate the gushy woman judge.

I hate the show in general.

Yeah, Mary (the judge in the middle) is one of the most annoying people on the planet IMO too. But some of these dancers are amazing. My faves are Will and Kerrington. And Nigel Lythgoe, hehe.

LOVE this show! I didn’t watch last season, but I did watch the one with Travis Wall in it (he was my fav)… that was the 1st season I watched of SYTYCD. Mary does annoy me quite frequently, but I deal with it. Nigel cracked me up when he started dancing after Josh & Katie’s broadway piece last week (it was SOO GOOD!).

I do like “Twitch and Kerrington” & “Jessica & Will” but my favs are “Mark & Chelsie”, and “Josh & Katie”. I’ve loved every performance both couples have done – Mark & Chelsie’s ones often give me chills. :slight_smile:

Do you watch ABDC on MTV? (I really love dance & love watching people perform).

Finally, another SYTYCD lover. and YES, I love ABDC too. I’m still deciding which “crew” i like best, but I think my faves on that show is probably Supreme Soul (p.s. I absolutely HATE SoReal Cru. they’re annoying and not that great and annoying).

Anyways, who do we think is out on SYTYCD this week? My vote is probably for Comfort, and then either Thayne, Mark, or Gev. I think probably Mark.

I miss Kherington already… :’(

I’m just proud that I know what krumping is.