Soap Opera

if only i weren’t broke.

Why does every opera have a viking lady?

Alternatively, why am I not more cultured about non-viking operas?

It’s three, three, three references in one!

(bar and liquid soap, soap opera on tv, phantom of the opera)

I know it’s supposed to be retro-TV, but I can’t help but see it as a microwave, in which the two soap characters are trapped.

I don’t remember there being a viking lady in Phantom of the Opera.

congrats, you two!

This makes me groan in such a good way.

ha! nicely punned (and done).

Brilliant design! Nicely done.

This is my favorite episode.

Condition: tubby

Who you calling tubby!?

It looks like this derby is ending on a high note.

Nice job expo and Walmazan, congrats!


If Bugs Bunny has taught me anything, it’s that this will not end well.

Kill the wabbit! … sponge. Your kid is old enough now and doesn’t need cute animal sponges to take a bath with anymore.

So this is what makes people sing in the shower! =D We can blame it on the soap if we sound bad ><

They’re singing Der Ring des Soapscumen? I thought it was Lather of Seville? Or maybe La Scrubbiata. :slight_smile:

Hey, congratulations Expo and Walmazan. This is a lovely visual joke.

Fantastic, I am happy!