Socks and Underwear!

Woot, I have big feet and love Injinji’s socks. Please get these in larger sizes than Medium!

Puma Sizing Chart

A couple days ago I received the Puma boxer briefs that I bought last week. Overall they’re fine, but they are a little thin and the printed “tag” in the back becomes “sticky” when you get a little hot and sweaty.

Speedos and thongs are my usual garb but I bit on this one… :slight_smile:

The Puma boxer briefs are really pretty nice, if “nice” applies to underpants. I wonder about the elastic, though. It feels like that cheap elastic that doesn’t last through more than a few drying cycles. The label does say made in China, so… Maybe a good idea to turn the dryer heat down.

Where’s the fat boy love Puma??? I need me some XXL sexy underwear!!

I have been wearing these Pumas for for a while now and they’ve held up pretty well. The elastic is fine after a year but some developed holes in the butt - could be attributed to my diet though.

Um, is this a Ferengi ship or do the ladies get to wear underwear also? Genderfail!

The Puma boxer briefs are quitters. Remember that old Seinfeld episode? Well, I thought ‘quitters’ was a myth for the past 15 years up until I ordered a few of these about 6 months ago.

Well, I’ve been checking all around the site since I first bought a 5 pack pair of socks in medium to try that I fell in love with hoping to score another two offerings. Very frustrating to finally find them again moments ago only for them to be sold out of mediums. This isn’t the first time I’ve bought something and come back for more after trying it, only to miss the sale again because there is just such an overwhelming amount to go through that I don’t look forward to checking the site anymore.

I don’t come around to Woot much anymore since it’s become so large and I don’t have the time to play around looking at about 40 different offerings. I find it much more aggravating than awesome. Wanting the socks got me back to checking in every day and filing through everything trying to find them, but apparently I still missed the boat since I’ve no idea when the sales change over anymore.

Play the world’s smallest violin for me I suppose for saying it, but I miss the old Woot being small and easy to browse quickly. I’ll probably go back to not being around much anymore since I find the whole affair with the sales model tiring.

Please elucidate.

I can understand your frustration, there’s an overwhelming amount of things being offered on the site these days. One recommendation I can make is this awesome post Lichme maintains and updates daily with all the new Plus deals allowing you to have a one-stop-shop to quickly see what’s new when you don’t have time to go through every page (and also organizes all the past offerings by type of deal):

The puma boxer briefs are pretty crappy. I have purchased many different brands of boxer briefs in my time, such as Puma, Calvin Klein, Gold Toe, Lucky Brand, Polo, J.Crew, and on and on. The Pumas are the worst. They are better than fruit of the loom, but really, that’s not much of a compliment.

They stretch out immediately after you put them on, are really thin, and the elastic doesn’t last. Maybe they are worth $4 a pair, but then the shipping… I’d stay away. Shop the Marshalls and TJ Maxx clearance sections for good underwear deals. Lucky Brand is nice and they regularly make it to clearance.