Socks and Underwear

Got the Injinji 3 pack last time they were offered and am wearing the pink pair today at work with my black Kangaroo leather 5 Fingers. The socks are great if you are going to be wearing the shoes all day. Love them and at a great price. Just wish the 5 pack had mediums!

I previously got both striped and pink Injiji socks to wear with my Five Fingers. They’re great overall, but I do have one complaint about the striped ones. When you knit a striped pattern, you have to break off one color and change to another color for each stripe. This usually produces a slight distortion in the stripe pattern and a little knot where the threads are tied off. Sock makers like to put the transition on the bottom/back of the sock because that’s where it shows the least. Unfortunately, with socks like these that are meant to fit snugly and be worn with shoes that don’t provide extra cushioning, that means you’ll be putting a lot of weight on those knots on the bottom of the sock every time you step. If you have sensitive feet or plan to wear the socks for an activity that will have you on your feet all day, I’d recommend avoiding the striped ones.

Come on, woot… you can’t find any more pairs of XL Fila toe socks??? This is three times in the last month I’ve missed out on them.

Ugh, I overslept. Picked my cool socks with toes, added to cart. In the time it took to log in - all were sold out. AFTER I put them in my cart and before logging in. Sigh.