Nice! …and I love that you didn’t write “Socktopus” on the shirt.

Sock it to me!

So socks get lost in the washer, not the dryer

We made socktopi as a kids’ craft this summer (octopi made out of socks). :slight_smile: Perhaps we should have put tiny mismatched socks on their tentacles!


Derby socks would be apropos

OMG, adorable!!!

I wish they took donations; I have so many little sole socks I could give Soctapus!!!

More like SADTAPUS

Don’t forget the matching doll!

My mind is blown. Everyone blames the dryer but you can’t be positive that the socks made it from the washer to the dryer.

Fedex is shipping my Socktapus via Pony Express… I hope when he shows up it’s one of the cute ones! :tongue: