Socré Italian Barbaresco (2)

Socré Italian Barbaresco 2-Pack
$74.99 (Normally $116.25) 35% off List Price
2007 Socré Barbaresco
2008 Socré Barbaresco Roncaglie
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WD and Neil… Why couldn’t we taste THIS at WCC last week? I’m sure we would all have promised to report on this one for extra sure.

Sparky would have broken that promise. :frowning:

I have had the 07 Socré Barbaresco Roncaglie, in fact it was so good I bought 3 more bottles for the cellar. Great food wine at least the 07. I will jump on this to start a vertical.

Yea, they would have been a solid addition. We went through some wines that night. Thanks again for coming. Let’s do it again some time.

This is very good juice. My concern here is the price. Not a good Woot deal. They’re selling it to you pretty much at the price you can get it yourself. You actually can find the 2006 Socre for $25. So buyer beware…

Did they really rip off the old Bank of America logo and expect nobody to notice?

Naw, he’d have his comments in his tasting book, if only he could find it.

Vaguely similar, sure, but hardly “ripped off” …

Too rich for me… I’m out. BTW, what is a feminine wine?

From CT prices it would appear there isn’t much of a discount, if any. Most of the CT entries came through Garagiste so at least Woot is competitive with another non-traditional retailer.

Bottom line is this appears to be a small producer of very good quality. If it’s up your alley, it’s not going to be widely distributed. This isn’t a fungible wine, and the price is what it is.

Not sure why my post was deleted, but here it goes again. Garagiste’s shipping is also not $5/order. In fact, I’ve found his shipping charges prohibitive. By the way, nice to see you hanging around these parts again, GC.

Wine snob speak for lacks rough or harsh tannins, elegant, not brooding, etc.

So attractive in the bottle that all you can think about is how you are going to manage to get it in your glass. Then when you finally do, you drink it too fast and fall asleep as soon as it’s done. The next day, you wish you had some more but can’t find the slip of paper where you wrote down its name.

Absolutely fantastic post!


QP quality!

[edit] arrrgh, woot filters “Q” “P” –> “TREAT” WTF?

HI All, I thought I’d chime in on pricing and value. Socre is a tiny production of premium nebbiolo in Barbaresco. Hillside vineyards, jaw dropping scenery, artisanal family production and only a small amount imported into the US. Galloni considers this to be a hot, up and coming, young estate worth knowing and trying. The price comparison should not be what one online discounter from last vintage is price posting. Often, I find online discount retailers don’t even have the wines they are advertising in stock. If you want to know the value of this deal and this wine, you need know this: Socre family has for many, many years been a supplier to Angelo Gaja who used the fruit in his Barbaresco which retails from $250-300. The Gaja Sori Tildin vineyard is a stones throw from the Socre vineyard and that wine sells for $350-400. So, the question you should be asking yourself is whether the Gaja wine is worth 10x as much as the offer on the table today. Having tasted a lot of Barbaresco, I can assure you that the answer is no. These are gorgeous wines and the offer today is a better deal than you can find anywhere in the US. Identifying a value proposition is deeper than a quick online price search.
You’ll just have to try to wines to know for yourself.

Ciao gjmonevine. Would you recommend cellaring these wines and if so for how long?