Soda, pop, coke, other...

Which term do you use?
I grew up with pop.
Now I use soda.
Never understood coke. “I’d like a Coke.”“What flavor?”“Ummm, Coke?”

Survey says…

Ummmm I say let me get a drink.

Then just call it by name… Coke, Dr pepper, Sunkist, cheerwine.

They’ve finally started selling Cheerwine up here. Yay!

Yay! I haven’t had one in a long time.

When I lived in Illinois and Ohio, I asked for a pop. When I lived in Texas and Kentucky, I asked for a soda. Now, I live in North Dakota, and it’s pop here.

I call it beer.

Could I have an IPA, please?

We mostly drink Pepsi at our house. When our 3-year old sees Coke, she calls it “Red Pepsi”.

Soft drink

Pennsylvania and Ohio - pop

To me it’s Cherry Coke at places that serve Coke. For places that serve Coke but not Cherry Coke but have a server that is willing to add cherry syrup from the bar to my Coke bonus points and better tip. It’s Pepsi at places that serve Pepsi, no cherry.

At least that is how it was before I stopped drinking carbonated and artificially sweetened beverages.

Depending on which part of the south you’re in, and just what generation you’re born into? My generation (baby boomer…) says “Coke Cola” and it could mean “Anything with Carbonation and Brown Color and Sugar”. My parents’ generation say “Cold Drank” (not ‘drink’).

But really? What we want? Sweet tea! Take us into another part of the world and ask for “Sweet Tea” and we usually get some brown liquid and a pack of sugar, with a blank look that means “…”

My daughter-in-law (from Wisconsin, the poor dear…) came to Tennessee and asked for a Soda. The waitress at the restaurant brought her a glass of water and baking soda mixed in because obviously the girl had a tummy ache!

Bahaha!! She didn’t understand half what we were saying the whole time she was here…

I always grew up calling it tonic. That covered coke, sprite, ginger ale, orange drink, etc. Now I just ask for Coke, and I mean Coke. Not pepsi.

And as a Bostonian, I love iced tea, but cannot drink sweet tea. It’s sugar water!! Too sweet for me.

'Round here in Merlund/Warshintin DC us locals always ask for a soda.

Rock Creek, preferably, with flavors like Peach, Pineapple, Bimini Lime, Cherry Smash and two ginger ales, Golden and Tiger (“the ginger ale with a bite”).

When I worked in a store I always got a kick out of the folks who would order a “Coke soda” (similar to asking for an “ink pen”).

Pepsi is not a good substitute for Coke. “Is Pepsi okay?” “No, I’ll have a Dr. Pepper.” I think Pepsi is too sweet, so what do I go for? Dr. Pepper. It is sweet. And I’ve always put a lot of sugar in my iced tea. I do like sweet tea.


Southwestern VA…drink—as in “what kind of drink do you want”…Sweet tea please!

If I drink adulterated water I call it espresso. I drink Bourbon neat.

Other stuff??? Pop around here I suppose.

I’m a native Texan. It’s all coke, and what I really want when I say coke is Dr Pepper.

I don’t drink carbonated beverages anymore, so sweet tea is good, especially strawberry tea like from Cheddars.

I really enjoyed last year when taco bell had the Dr Pepper vanilla float freeze. I got my Dr Pepper fix without carbonation plus bonus: slushy! I love shaved ice, icees, and slushies!

Oh yum…do you have Sonic where you are at?

We do!