Soda, pop, coke, other...

Also PA here, and it depends upon which end of the state you’re in. I used to say “soda pop”, but generally say “soda” now. To me, “Pop”, is what we called my late grandfather, or it’s what those crazy candy rocks do in your mouth. Pop is not a beverage in my mind.

The dividing lines for what it’s called here, also come pretty close to the differences in convenience stores: GetGo vs Sheetz vs WaWa.


Of course. My husband got me addicted to the lime slush.

Can you get Shasta where you live No1?
We have it at the Dollar Tree.

I am sure they will make a Dr Pepper vanilla float freeze for you or something similar…its amazing what they come up with LOL

What is weird, we used to have like 7 of them, now we are down to 2. I love cherry limeades!