Soft Air Airsoft

“Soft Air USA 250904 Blackwater BW15 AEG Rifle, Electric Powered
•High capacity 300 pound magazine for extended play”

That’s a heavy magazine!

ROFL. I’ll see about getting that fixed to ‘round’.

the bw15 looks pretty awesome

Something new learned…

why are there shipping restrictions to certain states/zip codes?

I hope it is not related to some dumdum law that says something about it resembling a firearm :\

There are indeed laws which specify not only firearms being restricted, but their facsimiles as well; also, some locales have laws pertaining to “air guns” which would affect these toys as well.

When looking at this stuff i would recommend comparing what you could get for the money here compared to places like or They will lean to higher end items but the 40 or 60 you spend there will go much farther than it is likely too here. If you are just looking for a cool $15 or $20 toy the pistols aren’t a bad choice.

These are illegal to own in some states. In NJ for example you need a gun permit to own one of these. In fact in NJ pretty much anything that can shoot any type of projectile is considered a gun and requires a permit. The way my town has it’s laws written, a marshmellow shooter would require a gun permit.

Be sure to check with your local law enforcement before using these outdoors and inside city limits. My city (Lincoln, NE) considers airsoft guns a firearm, and will not tolerate their use in public.

Also, these are fine for the price, but the CO2 powered versions are (IMHO) the only way to go.

Before shooting anyone with an airsoft gun, first shoot yourself. It hurts and you should be aware just how much it hurts.

good advice. thanks much for that. except for that bit at the end there. i dunno that we advocate that. but the law enforcement stuff, definitely.

Can these things kill a rat from 15-20 feet?

No different then a paintball gun, people use these in the same way. Competitive leagues and such. People shoot other people with airsoft guns. Wear eye protection, and experience getting shot before shooting at someone else.

Not sure why that is controversial or offensive…

No. Even a CO2 version at point blank range will not likely break the skin. so these spring loaded or electric versions will definitely do no more than scare one away.

No, these are cheap airsoft guns that would just annoy the rat. Anything with clear plastic body is garbage, the BW15 is also garbage because it has polymer gears and what looks like a plastic body, it also runs on only 7.2v and that’s really low for such a big gun (is it even to scale?).

For those who don’t know… the FPS rating on a lot of these cheap guns are overrated similar to how they slap “1000 watts” on a home-theater-in-a-box receiver when it doesn’t even make a quarter of that in reality. Look for brands like KWA, Tokyo Marui, G&G, JG or go to airsoftmegastore if you want a real airsoft gun. I have one that’s been chronometered at 328 fps @ 24 shots / second with .20 gram BBs, that is considered somewhat below-average performance but it will embed the BB in your flesh if you got shot point blank. It goes through aluminum cans just fine and metal rain gutters. A buddy of mine got shot in the nose and knuckles from about 20 yards away and it broke his skin and started bleeding right away. Eye protection are required unless you want to go blind. There are upgrades that can be done on a decent airsoft gun to make them more powerful.

So yes you can kill a rat from 20 feet away with a proper airsoft gun, but not with these toys. You can go for ones that use .177 metal BBs but those guns are lethal and are not used in airsoft or anything other than target shooting and small animal backyard hunting.

Just received this and was looking forward to shooting lots of stuff - unfortunately, it jammed within 10 minutes and I cannot get it to unjam. Any tips, tricks, suggestions, or commiseration?