Soft-Sided Pet Carriers

I will fill mine with my two pet rabbits!

These Jet Set bags look really nice… my dog travels with me all the time but it is often important for him to go as incognito as possible. These things look like actual pieces of luggage! No un-due attention!

I currently use one of these for my 12lb mutt, and while it works perfectly, the amount of mesh on it makes it hard to travel on the sly sometimes.

Pro tip for those considering a purchase: Check the airline dimensions first. I mostly fly Jetblue and they say it needs to be 17"l x 12.5"w x 8"h to fly, but in reality an extra inch or so in either dimension just means you’ll have to smoosh the bag to make it fit. The large Jet Set bag really seems too big to fly on any airline (21.8"!?). The medium would probably be fine. The small would for sure not be a problem.

Pro tip 2: Don’t smoosh the dog when smooshing the bag.

Question, Woot… the Jet Set bags have a metal frame system in the side doors. Would you be able to squish the bag down an inch or so if need be, or does the frame prevent that? All airlines and airplanes have slightly different dimensions under the seat…

I’m sorry but we didn’t receive samples of these.

Here’s their site though

Thanks, the product video shows that the frame can be popped up/down which should allow it to squish.