Soft-Tex 4Pk Standard or 2Pk Euro Pillow

**Item: **Soft-Tex 4Pk Standard or 2Pk Euro Pillow
Price: $24.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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This guy explains what a Euro pillow is

Seems like a nice guy.

Let’s learn how to choose the right pillow

Euro pillows are approx. 24-26" sq.
Besides ornamentation for beds, they make nice back pillows for daybeds. At this price they’re a bargain. I use 3 of them as floor pillows for the grandchildren or anyone who can get down there to sit on the floor. Whip over to Pottery Barn’s outlet/clearance section and look for the Euro shams on sale and you’ve got a bargain or two. :slight_smile:
BTW - PB wants $26 per for the naked Euro pillows.

This may be a dumb question, but I’ve never bought euro pillows before. I recently bought a comforter set (from Woot!) that came with Euro shams, so I’m now in the market for pillows to fill those shams…

Anyway, since these are “oversized and over stuffed” will I run the risk of them not fitting the euro shams?

It should work. What are the measurements of the pillow portion of your Euro Shams with your new set? They should be nearly the same dimensions as these euro pillows.

Euro Shams are pretty good about having enough material on the tuckover to make up for any extra gap that may occur from a “puffy pillow.”

Does your sham have enough material to cover a few inches of gap, or some ties attached to help secure the case shut for extra security? If you have extra material then great, if you also find ties to insure it is closed, then no problem. I often see the ties with Euro Shams.

Unless the measurements are grossly different, or you have zero overage at the opening, then I say go for it. I paid a fortune for Euro pillows at Pottery Barn and consider these a great deal.

I’m going to use these as couch pillows. The back pillows on my couch have gotten worn and flat, even though the rest of the couch is still in great shape. Standard sized pillows didn’t look right, and the decorative pillows I’d been able to find were too small and flat, so I’m glad to find out about this Euro size. A quick online search showed me that these here at Woot are a decent bargain, and that proper sized, decently priced shams for them shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Well, I went for it. I figure even if they are a bit snug in the shams, it’s going to be on the guest bedroom bed, so I doubt anyone’s really going to care that much if the sham is bunching in the back. I got a pack of the standard pillows as well to put in standard shams. How did Woot know that I needed so many pillows to decorate my beds with? :slight_smile:

Can these be machine washed? Well I imagine they CAN, but do they come out nice or do they get twisted and lumpy?

Does anyone know the softness v firmness of the pillows? Like on a scale of 1-lying on a plank to 10-feeling like your face is being swallowed, where would these be rated?

The description says:
SofLoft polyester fill
Soft to medium firmness

So my guess would be maybe a 7 or 8? That would be too soft for my side-sleeping self, otherwise I would be all over this. I’m in the market for new pillows!