Soft-Tex Density Pillows

Lol…this is funny. A soft pillow for the weak huh.

You are my density!

I’m actually looking for some good extra firm pillows, but I’m going to have to pass unless someone can point to some reviews. I looked for a while but wasn’t able to find any. With the varying quality of pillows, I don’t know if I’m willing to take the chance.

It appears these can not be washed. :frowning:

Put them in pillow covers and you won’t have to worry about washing them.

Unless your pillow covers are waterproof, your sweat will get into the pillow over time. They also get filled with dust (and other icky things). Pillows need to be washed regularly unless you like sleeping in your own filth…

You can buy new pillows, the covers can be washed, and you can shower as often as you like. Not washing pillows isn’t really a real problem, but maybe it depends on where you live as well.

If you use pillow covers that are for allergies, etc., then put a pillowcase over it, you will have a crisp and clean pillow all the time.

Nice one George

Why is it Woot never publishes the actual dimensions of their pillows. Any one know? Woosters, where are you?