Soft-Tex Pillows

Could you please confirm what sort of foam is used in the Soft-Tex 80907-2 Classic Contour Pillows - 2pk? The last ones I bought have this odd yellow foam inside that ‘flakes’ off. A material description would be greatly appreciated (whether it’s the yellow foam, or a higher quality memory foam).

Soft-Tex 51022 Luxury Latex Pillow - Queen - Firm

These Latex Pillows say they are 2 packs. Can anyone confirm if the price is for one or two pillows?

Straight from the vendor:

The foam in 80907-2 is 100% polyurethane foam and the color is light blue. This is our ventilated Sensor-FOAM®.

Hope that helps!

Has anyone used the side sleeper V-shaped pillow?

How about the body pillow? I have had several from Target that flatten out in no time, would like one to keep its shape a little longer.

Good question and sorry for the confusing info in the sale. That is for a single pillow.

We ordered a lumbar pillow. With 3 new tan leather desk chairs for the home office. The only thing its missing is a drop more lumbar support. Item looks well worth the money. We’re considering ordering 2 more, has anyone owned these before? If so, what are your thoughts on it? Thanks!

That does help, thank you.