SOG 2×4 Contractor

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SOG 2?4 Contractor
$12.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Another SOG item eh?

Will this build a house for me?

The smallest most ineffective level EVAR!!!

My head just exploded.

What could you actually use the hammer part to do ?

Third sog knife I’ve seen… Seems like someone who bought all of em could build something creative and deadly :smiley:

Buy them fast please!

I guess this would be cool if i actually knew what the various tools on this thing were for.

Perfect for being openly mocked on the job site. A pencil sharpener!?!

Saw SOG, bought the knife. Then saw what it was…

It’s kinda cool, just not $18 cool.

Will this peel an apple?

This is a $45.00 knife! Good deal I’m in for one at least if someone steal this one I know who did it! In for 3 for the guys in the crew!

Why would I need an embedded pencil sharpener when I have a VERY SHARP KNIFE?

Time left: 2mins 46secs

Woo. Keep it going.

what kind of pencil sharpener, #2 or contractors?

Will this work with a Mac