SOG 7" Fixation Bowie

now that looks pretty Bad ass

one woot off …so many knives

Will this knife cut my Mac in half?

Definitely unloading a lot of knives today…They just keep coming.

Yay! More cheaply made prison-yard shanks!

No background check required

Oh, wow, a knife? Seriously? Where do they come up with this stuff- I mean, Ive never seen then do a knife, or at least not in a long time.


What’s the fixation with knives this Woot Off?


swelling knives on woot now? trhying to tell us something about the woot off?

15th cutting implement on this wootoff!

For some reason I’m strangely fixated on this item…

Now THAT’s eh noife!

calling Mr. Rambo, calling Mr. Rambo…

I am not in ‘the golden child’ I do not want the knife. Please.

that’s a fucking funny ass cunt write up

did i somehow get directed to they sure are pushing their knives this woot-off

I heard Chuck Norris eats these knives for breakfast.