SOG 7" Fixation Bowie

I don’t need it.

But I want it.

LOL!! That was good!

AWESOME!!! I’m in for 1!!!

Sells for $50 at the SOG Store…

Not from Shun? I’ll pass.

Can I hunt wild boar with this?

Next up from

Manufacturer’s Website

Manufacturer’s Website

Next up from

This fixation on knives is starting to get a little weird…

How soon before the entire woot staff is up in a bell tower with high-powered rifles?


I remember my first Bowie… I named it David

Great quality, in for 3

Spider Monkey!

What’s with all the knives this Woot-Off? And I’m not talking about the overly expensive chef’s knives which tend to muck things up for hours on end. Was the knife show on HSN cancelled?

Are we getting swords next?

/“It’s got a dragon on the blade!”

Nice blurb.

lotta knives this wootooff…

That’s not a knife. This is a knife:

That is one bad ass lookin knife though…

the description is pretty funny too!!