SOG Aura SEAL Black TiNi Field Knife

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SOG Aura SEAL Black TiNi Field Knife
$24.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Cool knife.

There is the mandatory SOG Knife.

if only they had 'Cuda parts …

Sweet - Can use one to filet me up one of those OBL fish!

Looks like the icefishers are buying them

Why they got to ruin a good knife with those serrations?

Oh Yay…an excellent deal on a flip mino and then a useless knife. Well, useless to me…I don’t need to gut a deer anytime soon.

Great stabbing action. Very clean slices on human flesh and the serrated edge saws through small wrist bones rather easily.

I’m in for one only if it is Bear Grylls approved.

Weapons for Christmas!!

Horrible reviews… and this SOG is made in CHINA along with everything else these days

That sharpener looks like it would be painful to use…

Is there some trick to working with one that small?

43.00 is the cheapest in stock option on Amazon.

Looks like they used the bottom as a hammer?

Does anyone have any useful info about this knife? Is it a decent knife?

Where oh Where is my Bundle of Corndogs???

Will this ward off a Yeti attack?

This wont last. Quality knife.