SOG Bi-Polar Satin Knife

Now that’s a nice knife!

Cool knife, but I’d take a Kershaw any day of the week.

Oh good, another woot off with tons of sharp objects…

There is the killing knife everyone asked for!

This looks good :slight_smile:

Not the greatest name for a knife.

whats with the hook on the end?
bacon cutting?

SOG, is that short for Same Old Garbage?

this knife is bi-polar… if its the same type of bipolar that my ex gf was - it will cuddle you one minute, and slit your throat the next!

I want a BOC, not an SOG.

seriously woot… i ask for less carving and more killing and they give me an escaping knife?

what’s next? an ADHD magnifying glass…?

For cutting rope and what not.

With a gut ripper!

This knife does not have to suffer a life of mood swings. There are therapies and drugs that can help. In the meantime, I would lock this knife up at night because God knows what it would it would do if it had a severe episode of some sort. You can’t be too careful.

I have one from 2 woot-offs ago.

My favorite knife.

You know, you might want to watch what sharp objects you call Bi-Polar. They tend to be a bit sad as it is. Calling them out is just asking for a bloody mess.

Where’s a barfing smiley when you need one?

Going to pull an all-nighter here - is there anywhere for us to chat?