SOG Bi-Polar Satin Knife

Come back in 2 days

Odd question but would this work for gutting a deer? Looking for a new knife cause I left mine in the forest last hunting season and I wouldn’t mind this if its good.

I got 2 finals in morning starting at 9- hurry up woot!!!

That my friend is a “rescue hook” Its for cutting seat belts or other nylon straps to quickly get a person out.

Killer knives!

Not much of a deal. Only when compared to a $250 knife they had a few woots ago.

SOG is a really great brand. I only buy SOG and Gerber. They make excellent knives. I have 3 different SOG pocket knives.

the knives are not moving tonight…

Yes - the blades are reinforced with lithium.

Perhaps they can use this knife to cut the shirt off the Shirt.Woot site. That thing could use replacement…

this is the fastest woot-off I’ve ever seen

No the hook is “safe” with the edge only on the inside and its also pretty small - if you could see it, its very different then a gut hook

in for 3. needed something like this as gifts for the guys in my wedding.


lol of course most of the purchasing wooters are from Wisconsin hahaha

Jeez, this thing has been in almost every woot-off since last summer, at least.

useful. id probably just use the knife bit to cut the seatbelt but w/e

if you don’t wear a seatbelt you won’t be trapped in a burning car - SOG is good Ca Ca

How good is it at cutting through soft butter?

Try Benchmade, Kershaw, or Spyderco for real quality. SOG & Gerber are not good at all.