SOG BladeLight Hunt & Folding Mini Combo

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SOG BladeLight Hunt & Folding Mini Combo
Price: $39.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard OR $10 Two-Day OR $20 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, Oct 10 to Tuesday, Oct 11) + transit
Condition: New


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obligatory comment to soothe the wootbot

Cheaper on amazon

Aren’t you cute? Show us the link then.

Not cheaper on Amazon.

Try not to show arrogance and be so smug.

As for the BLT20L-CP:

Amazon has had these for less than $39 on Lightning deals (I have one, paid $29.97 for last year.) They were $44 in June 2016, Sam’s Club has them right now for $47. EBay has them for $46 with buy-it-now.

Also check Cabela’s and Field and Stream which will beat those prices or has $10 coupons all the time. I have a $15 off $50 that came out last Sunday until this Sunday.

I would give you the links but a troll can find their own way out from under the bridge.

Biggest point to be made, is it isn’t over a hundred dollar savings.

I’d agree, not today they don’t.

But woot won’t be selling them tomorrow either so what’s your point?

If you have to have it to use today, at today’s lowest price point, then woot isn’t your answer either as it will be two+ weeks before you receive it. You might need an Ice Pick by then.

Love woot, but not an impulse buy after 12 years of wooting.

My SOG knives made in Japan and Taiwan are awesome. My SOG knives made in China, garbage. Not terrible, but nothing I’d want.

Woot is not what us old timers remember it to be. Think of it as an Amazon Lightning Deal but not as good. You have to do your homework to see if it is a deal nowadays. One way is to look at camelcamelcamel to see the price history at Amazon.

As of today I see the hunt at 59.95 and the mini is 36. It seems to be a pretty good deal as far as price comparison to Amazon.

What about the $36.54 price that shows up on Camel. (See my post above) Or, is that a different knife. **

[MOD]**Never mind, I see that is for the mini.

These are also convertible to a standard knife, if you remove the batteries.

This is a 2 pack. You get both the fixed blade and the folding knife at this price.

Yes, the folding knife shows up for $37. I still have yet to see anywhere that shows this set for $40.

I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but I hate when people just put up a worthless comment like “cheaper on Amazon” when the package deal clearly isn’t or never has.

Embarrassingly, I must admit I never carefully read the Woot ad for this sale. It looks like a very good deal for both knives in set.
Good on you Woot!
Still, is a great research site for Amazon/Woot.

Not that I would ever buy either of these
we’re talking about $39 for an item that you say can be had for $29 once a year or so AND same $39 for another knife that is the same current price of $40something as the one you’re talking about

I could post links but I don’t care enough

so a $45 knife plus another $45 knife = $90
for $39.99 on woot.