SOG BladeLight Hunt & Folding Mini Combo

Got these last go around. Nice knives. The flashlight part is pretty bright. Put a better edge on them and keep one as a backup in my emergency bag. Nice it takes a AAA battery (bigger knife). I would not purchase these as a primary knife. Tough they are SOG, they are of build quality like the Columbia and North Face stuff you find at walmart. Ok for NORMAL use, not made for heady duty use.

Picked these up a while back. The lights are plenty bright.

The folder does have some issues. The blade itself is decent but doesn’t hold an edge very well. The blade lock/clip also easily pivots to allow the blade to open while in your pocket which is not very useful. I do use the smaller blade as my everyday carry knife since it has a handy flashlight on it, and I use the fixed one as a secondary in my survival kit.