SOG BladeLight Hunt & Folding Mini Combo

Well, what do you know… These being offered today. And I just happen to have had a little incident with the folding knife too.

Dropped mine this morning as I was about to clip it to my pocket. It’s my everyday carry knife and boy, does that flash light come in handy (work in IT so the light is useful). So, it dropped onto a hard wood floor and one of the little screws that holds the battery case on fell out. Yep, popped right out. I figured, what the he11. Upon inspection, I found just about all the screws loose. I used a T7 size bit to tighten them all up so it might be a good idea to ensure moisture integrity to tighten them up once you get the knife. And FWIW, the SOG name is not what made me buy these. They had a function and both lights on the knives work great. Once you put a decent edge on these cheap stainless blades, they cut pretty good too. Just make sure you have a diamond sharpening stone near buy because they dull fast. And the sheath is kinda cheapy.