SOG Bluto Pocket Knife

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SOG Bluto Pocket Knife
$69.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 SOG Bluto Pocket Knife

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Here’s a video review of it:

vg-10 = holds edge well.

This will go great in my $900 jeans.

How does this hold up against a human shoulder blade. I broke the tip on my last knife.

Very pretty, but too $$ for me

$70 pocket knife? And people carp about the price on the kitchen knives.

I suppose this knife would be effective in a brawl with Popeye?

This is actually a great deal, I encourage you to buy three because if you go to SOGKnives.Com and look, that’s how much 1 of them costs there :wink:

That is a lot of pocketknife.


Cool knife. Probably a little better quality than this one:
Switch, but i still love that one’s design. Really neat idea to be able to make your own arrangement of knives.

Just noticed that the site is down… but here is a picture of what i am talking about.

Look Amazon…I mean Woot…if you are just going to be putting up garbage how about getting the kids.wootoff going again?

Help me help you Woot.

You can find them for around 110 online with a cursory google search. They’re really great knives, hold their edge well, and take a long time before they get that “wobble”.

I’ve never actually owned a SOG folder, but they have a good reputation and this definitely has the appearance of careful design and workmanship. Sub-Benchmade, but probably not by a ton.

Ooooh…R. Lee Ermey endorses SOG knifes! Sells for twice as much on the 'Zon.

Made-in-Japan SOG are quite decent stuff, and this is $185 list, and about $100-$120 various places online, so it’s a very good deal.

But I’m sitting this one out – while it’s a great knife, it’s just not a knife for me.

The adult woot! is still partying, while the kidswoot! has been put to bed.

Party on!!!


shun knife please