SOG Bluto Pocket Knife


wootoff killa!

At least it’s not a mouse or headphones!

$60 for a pocket knife? Does it have a vibrate function?


At least its not a mouse…

If I can recall, blades have to be under 4" to be able to fly with them. So technically, couldn’t you fly with these knives?


I got one of these a few days ago and am impressed. It’s a nice small knife.

Perfect for opening your bundle of candy.

I am sure this will move fast

I want the Popeye one.

This knife is the leading cause to Rubber Ducky Envy.

That’s one expensive pocket knife.

Does it have a laser guidance system or something?

So can this also be used as a mouse?!!?!?!?! because I could really use a mouse!


It’s coming…the button isn’t bouncing before sellout anymore…

$60 for 2 knives? No way!

If you flap really fast