SOG Bluto Pocket Knife


ill bet 25 roombas the monkey will have the 4th o July cape


Have they ever had a giant woot giant screaming monkey other than that one time? That is what I am hoping for.


Bathroom break…lol


awesome carp cutter


In what country can you fly with any knives?


That was pre 9/11. If you fly with a knife now, the TSA has a nice little trashcan you can store it in.


Duct tape one to your underwear for your favorite TSA employee to find. :slight_smile:


Google it and this is basically half the price as everyone else.


I want one, but I’ll just lose it and will be out $60. So I just buy my crap knives from Big Lots.


Yeah. Like any of these dudes are going to buy a pocket knife.


grrrrrrrrrrrreaaat, there are a freakin lot of these


Doh, got this for $15 more last week. Oh well, its a good knife, but a tad small for anyone with large hands.


VG-10 info:

It’s a good quality stainless steel, thus the price.


Ooooo - I’d love one of these, but I’m not paying $60 for something I know I’ll lose.

I do like the tiny knives, though.


Lol there are at least 83 of them…


It’s for one knife…and these are 80 dollar knifes. It’s a good deal, even for 1


No, only one! :blush:


I’m fairly certain that, if fingernail clippers are forbidden, then you’re going to have a tough time getting a pocket knife onto a plane.


Great Quality knife…


NO,its 60 bucks for one,your choice of color.