SOG Dark Energy Flashlight

This is a nice price but the rechargable version (DE-06) seems much more useful. Maybe if I had a good package deal on the CR-123A batteries. SOG Knives

I was just looking for a powerful flashlight to use with my new snowblower at night. And it came yesterday. Amazingly powerful. An ultrafire t6 at tmart. $22. Has these giant 18650 batteries, and a charger. Says it’s 9000 lumens, but I’m not so sure. Still painful to look at.

$48 for a 624 lumen flashlight. No thanks, you can find comparable values with rechargeable 18650 batteries at Amazon for a quarter of that. although there is that catchy name “Dark Energy” makes it sound mystical. Does this destroy ORCs if you shine it on them? This might be a very well made flashlight but IMO its not worth 4x as much. Although the other ones claim a lot more lumens (probably inflated) having purchased some they are awfully bright.

Specs don’t specify lens material. Borosilicate glass, preferred is expensive and can justify a high price.