SOG FastHawk 3-Piece Camping Set

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SOG FastHawk 3-Piece Camping Set
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Dexter Approved?

4.5 stars on amazon, not to mention $55.74 with PRIME

Looks like a good deal to me!

With this I can be a 40 Yr old boy Scout.

It would take me FOREVER to get the body concealed using this.

That tomahawk is super enticing but a little too pricey for me to pull the trigger

Dear Woot Staff,

This is rather unorthodox, but I would like to request a Dyson at some point during the woot-off.

Kind Regards,

Nice light duty camping set. Don’t expect to dig a well or a grave or an anti-tank trench with the shovel, it’ll let you down.


This is just what I needed for all of those trenches I’m planning on digging.

LOL- Love it!!!

Where am I going to find an Adult to sign for this?

Different set, only the tomahawk is the same. Also, 2 reviews does not a sufficient sample size make.

I got my friend to get this, and if you think 45 is a good price (I figure it’s decent), I can at least say the quality of the tools is good. We put them through a very rough weekend without anything becoming loose which to me is a god thing.

SOG? more like POS

Yeah, I remember bad things being said about the shovel on a previous wooting of this kit.

Wrong 3 piece set you are looking at on Amazon. The set on Amazon you see has another knife instead of the shovel, and does not come with the nylong sheiths I do not believe. Here is the link to the set on amazon:

It is $89.99 with free shipping.


at 4 lbs, not what this camper calls “light”

Good for zombie outbreak defense.