SOG FastHawk 3-Piece Camping Set

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SOG FastHawk 3-Piece Camping Set
$34.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I see a beating in the near future when that shows up. I really do need it though.

The kit not the beating

if it was like $15…

This is kinda funny. Just woke up at 4am, looked at woot, saw a woot-like obscure item… and it’s exactly what I wanted for a backpacking trip I’m going on in two weeks.

Buying out of necessity on woot? I’ve never done such a thing!

I also just bought a Tomahawk and saw that I have one creepy-ass looking avatar >__>

They must have a ton of these…

Shipped via SmartPost…sure you’ll get it in time?

I bought these last time around. I keep them in my pack, even for day hikes. The e-tool has had the biggest work-out :wink:
The hatchet is good enough for small firewood and the saw is fine for cutting pine boughs for a nice nest at night.
The extra 2-1/2 lbs isn’t even noticed.

…and you have jellyfish legs.

what’s this word ‘necessity’?

I’ve been scanning the Woot-off since 9 am waiting for this. I guess I missed it. Crap.