SOG FastHawk 3-Piece Camping Set

Not one has sold yet… this might be the killer.

And 1 for me, been wanting them for some time

Perfect for the occupy.

Okay, earlier I was going on about the SOG hex set, and mine is great. However, although I have plenty of camping experience, I wouldn’t trust SOG camping tools made in China.

'Nuff said.

That’s awesome

The axe is terrible. Shovel is good to keep in your car to shovel snow… It’s what I use it for when Im stuck w the prius and not the 4x4

Finally! In for one, only because no one wants to wear tin hats with me. Thanks woot!


You wouldn’t trust them, or you don’t trust them? One assumes while the other is drawn from experience… which is yours?

This is such a good price. My usual murder toolkits cost me twice as much. It’s hard to throw them away when they’re expensive :[

The entrenching tool is about 1/2 the size of the G.I. issue variety.

Perfect to hear, thanks.

Oh, I am so sorry…I meant to reply to the Casey Anthony comment and somehow got yours in there instead.

SOG again? Woot! has become their main outlet.

this is a quality post, thank you

If they actually managed to sell all of those freakin’ SOG hex bits, surely this must sell too.

Why don’t they just put these in the bags of crap and get rid of them???

I got the shovel/axe/saw combo about a year ago. The shovel is worthless, thin metal.

Is this Woot Off permanent?

I have three different sets and they work great! You just have to make sure that you tighten the shovel down completly.