SOG Field Pup

I’m assuming I shouldn’t even think about taking this on an airplane.

That’s not a knife…

$54? For a knife. wow.

In case you drop it, the string makes sure that it swings back and hits you in your arm.

so this is my first woot off, Im logged in, hit I want one, nothing happens…

I have one of these and I love it. Really good deal. I paid close to $40 for mine and I thought that was cheap.

the woot gods frown upon you tonight, it seems


I am assuming you bought that aeroprene bag

This would go good with that Carry on laptop case. darn, didnt get one.

Damn I wanted that headset. Just a bit too late :frowning:

this made me giggle.

this may go slower than the stupid laptop bag… DAMN U WOOT!!!

After all, the early autumn is coming, when the temperature will be crisp and perfect for those long, outdoor days. Imagine how a SOG FP-3N Field Pup can help you with many outdoor activities!

Yah! like gutting that next-door neighbor that sits on the porch singing garth brooks on a out of tune guitar.

I Woot Off to Ride of the Valkyries.

How bout you?

hah most knives I carry daily are $100-$200

$54 is a throwaway…

Don’t need a Ginsu knife, thanks anyway.

Use it to stab yourself repeatedly while you wait for something good to finally come up during a Woot off.

SOG equipment is elite, some of the best you can get