SOG Flash II Camo Knife

Vuja de?

these knives are KILLING me…

lol nice write-up

Is this an automatic knife? aka “switchblade”

Call that a knife!

Sweet, knives!

ok we need another item like that polaroid camera LOL… I need a restroom break but affraid Im gonna miss a fantastic Woot!


wow, now that’s a knife!

that took almost 2 mins to sell out.

No C4 spike.

How much flash memory does this have?

“Assisted opening” It doesnt automatically open but does make it easier to open.

I got 2. If ever stopped by the law, its not a switchblade its a “one handed rescue device”.

ha popped my first sucker cherry! w00t!

Hah! Congrats!

I expected better quality for a SOG… Blade is loose, overall a flimsy knife…