SOG Flash Rescue Pocket Knife with Assisted Open

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SOG Flash Rescue Pocket Knife with Assisted Open
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Perfect for those occasions when you need to butter unruly toast.

You can pick either black or orange as long as its orange.

These are great for rescuing small game from their smothering pelts.

$40 on Amazon

Great stocking stuffer for the kids!

Orange, the perfect color for the police to see when they say… “Drop the weapon!”

this will work perfectly to open my box of chocolates.

Twas the apocalypse before Christmas…

a.k.a switchblade…

That sure is one high-quality letter opener

^^^ This. With some amusement :slight_smile:

ETA: Especially in the context of:

“The SOG Flash Rescue Pocket Knife comes in either black or orange, your choice! Choice is important to people, right?”

If you buy 3, you can pretend you’re wolverine!

Can anyone explain the difference between “Open Assist” and switchblade?

How legal are these knives to carry?

What is assisted open? Spring loaded? Doesn’t this make it a switch blade, which is illegal in many states?

These are awesome, especially if you upgrade them with the latest Adobe Flash download!

Is it just me, or does “assisted open” sould like “switch blade”?

woot of ole i miss you…what has happened to you…remember when you were a discount computer geek site…come back…!!!

Switch blades open from the front not from the side. Also an assisted opener requires your hand to push the blade open before the spring engages. The switch blade just uses a button to spring the blade forward.

Push button knives are illegal. Assisted opening are not.